Our tutors

Our tutors are chosen based on the basis of their academic achievements and, of course, their own ACT scores. All of our tutors have college degrees. Arbor Learning grew out of the University of Chicago community.

Each one of our tutors will have previously worked through every single ACT problem he or she ever tackles with a student, including full-length practice tests, in order to identity the most pedagogically sound explanation for each and every question.

Our tutors are trained not just to teach the test’s content, but to identify and address specific students’ weaknesses with quantifiable data from practice tests. Our method is based on individualizing each student’s test-taking curriculum to the greatest possible degree. To that end, our tutors leave feedback that can be accessed on our website after each and every tutoring session, and offer students a quantitative breakdown of each practice test they take. These private analyses are also available to students on our website.


The rate for all Arbor Learning tutoring is currently $80/hour.

Tutoring from $80 / hour

Your initial consultation and planning session is free.

We provide your test-prep materials free of charge with the agreement to purchase at least one tutoring session.


Your tutor will work together with you and your parents to develop a test prep timeline that works for everybody involved. This will include an estimated amount of time spent in preparation both with your tutor and working individually.

It will also include a schedule for full-length practice tests before actual, official test days. Finally, you will decide together which official ACT test dates work for you.

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How it works

Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses

When you first start working with an Arbor Learning tutor, you will take a diagnostic ACT test: an ACT test that has been administered in the past by the ACT organization as an official test. Our team will break down your test results for you in a report that will be visible on your online Student Page. These test results will serve as the backbone of your tutor's first few lessons with you.

Teaching focused on fixing weaknesses

At your first tutoring session, you will receive the Arbor Learning ACT Preparation manual, along with three official ACT tests. The manual is designed to allow you and your tutor to focus on the skills with which you are having the most trouble, bypassing the sections whose skills you already know well. When you and your tutor have covered all the areas for improvement revealed by your diagnostic test, it will be time for another practice test.

Evaluating your skills

After each and every tutoring session, your tutor will leave feedback on your Student Page, giving student and parents a big-picture view of your improvement throughout your time with Arbor Learning. You will be able to view exactly what steps are being taken to improve your score from your Student Page on our website. Your practice test breakdowns, tutoring session summaries, and a timeline for your preparation for the official test will all be accessible from your Page.

Why us


Study for the ACT with a curriculum designed to help you teach yourself using authentic ACT problems from actual past tests.


Practice test reports that break down your strengths and weaknesses.


Not "teaching to the test," but a conceptually-based method committed to strengthening your intellectual foundation.


Non-linear method that allows you not to waste time and money covering areas in which you already excel.