The central idea of the Arbor Learning method is that the best way to prepare for the ACT is to do actual ACT problems, as opposed to the problems created by a test prep company. Our manual focuses less on offering you practice problems written by us than it does on showing you how to use actual, historical ACT tests, released by the makers of the ACT exam, in order to improve your performance.

Most other test prep manuals base their curriculum on problems that test prep companies have written themselves. The problem with this is that no one can approximate ACT problems exactly except for the makers of the ACT themselves. In addition to our manual, we will provide you with actual ACT tests, written by the ACT organization. Our manual breaks down these tests into categories based on the competencies tested, allowing you to work through real ACT problems in an organized, strategic way.

This allows each student and tutor to focus first and foremost on the areas of greatest weakness for the student, rather than progressing through a textbook in a linear fashion.

Why us


Study for the ACT with a curriculum designed to help you teach yourself using authentic ACT problems from actual past tests.


Practice test reports that break down your strengths and weaknesses.


Not "teaching to the test," but a conceptually-based method committed to strengthening your intellectual foundation.


Non-linear method that allows you not to waste time and money covering areas in which you already excel.

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